The new EP "You Were Right" has been released on FFF Records!
Sammy McKee - Vocals and Guitar
(Bitter Airplane, view-finder, fotos, Hyperstatic, Embers Is Sammy, Charlston Entry)

Shannon McGee - Bass
(Fairmount Girls, Opi Yum Yum)
Dave Cupp - Drums 
(Siren Suit, Caterpillar Tracks, Dophesus, Man Halen, The Spiders)

Alumni: Robyn Roth (Knife the Symphony, Theraphosa) AND Gabe Molnar (Little Lights, Sometimes, 1000 Arms, Creation Museum).

"Inching toward the center of Cincinnati, Ohio’s underrated and burgeoning rock scene, Old City pay homage to the best parts of early 90s alternative music while concurrently playing by their own bass-heavy rules. Emerging out of a solo project from vocalist and guitarist, Sammy McKee, the band eventually grew from one to three, adding both Dave Cupp and Gabriel Molnar. The trio channels the likes of The Pixies and the best of Neil Young while unapologetically ripping through track after track of their past four EPs (The Sun Is My Light, Hot Horse, Freezer Burn & Alas, A Lass), a live album at Cincinnati’s premiere rock n' roll bar, MOTR, and a self-titled full length album. Although this band is only three, their sound is full grown. Old City are currently Cupp (drums), McKee (guitar, vocals), and Shannon McGee (bass)."
~Bree Henry


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